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6/2015 Carvaka IC inbox

Leave a message for Otonashi?
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[ He wishes he didn't have to call, doesn't know if he'll find the words, but his fingers are trembling too hard to type and it takes all he can to dial for Otonashi. He can't even get out a greeting, stumbles right into it. ]

Yuzuru-san, something— something's wrong—
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It's- Akashi-kun, I don't know if—

I don't know what to do.
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[ He swallows, trying to force the words out, but it's too difficult. He wants to think that if he doesn't say it, if he doesn't acknowledge it, maybe it wasn't true, maybe he was just feverish himself, drawn into whatever the plants were doing to them. ]

I can't— Please. Please come over. [ It's painful to even make that request, a bare whisper before he hangs up. ]

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[There was something Otonashi had said once about impromptu surgery. Possibly even impromptu eye surgery. It probably wasn't important, though.]

Hey hey Yuzuru

You're good at doctor stuff right? Which means you know all about doctoring up eyes and reattaching ones that pop out and stuff.

Guess what I'm gonna ask next!
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Way too much!

Mine wasn't working anyway, so I sort of traded! I don't expect ya to make this one work for me either, but it would be nice to have it properly attached so it doesn't rot in my head, yeah? Can you do that?
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So does that mean you'll do it? Thanks Yuzuru, you're a real pal!

[Offer an explanation for all those questions? What?]

So where should eye find you?

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Hey, Otonashi. I wanted to thank you for all the help you've been giving lately.

How do you feel about tea?
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Then, whenever you like. I think I've about perfected the tea blend, and maybe I can even shake a few macarons out of Kise or something, I hear he's unusually adept with those.
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Oh, good idea. And maybe a few butter cookies while he's at it.

Me? I'm alright.
[ Temporarily missing an eye, but alright. ] You don't have to be courteous with me, you know?

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[It's a good thing Otonashi isn't treated to the fact that Henry's having to write this out in his book using his own blood, and that a phone probably can't convey how messy his handwriting is (though he's careful enough to spell things properly). Maybe it turns the font red, who knows.]

Guess what happened this time Yuzuru

A whole BEAR landed on me! from the sky, I think she was surprised too she started eating me

I can't feel a whole lot of things right now so I think you should hurry

look for the henry shaped smear on the ground.
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nuh-uh I know bears when i see em

[He'd expound on his knowledge of bears and point out that he never lied about anything but he's feeling rather landed-on and half-eaten so that's really all he manages to write out.]
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[Such an unbeliever.]

I wouldn't have written you if it was still here...

I don't want you to get eaten too

[What kind of guy do you think he is.]

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can I see you

[It's a short message. But then, Henry didn't have very many words left to him. Considering Otonashi's reclusiveness though, despite the dark mage's occasional efforts to check on him, Henry wasn't sure he'd even get a response, much less an agreement.

So a few minutes later, he follows it with another note.]

Seijuurou's gone.
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[That was easy to do, at least. Henry looks at the reply in his book, before setting it aside, unanswered.

He's outside, climbed up to one of the higher points of the city, one of the jagged cliff edges that provide a view of the desolate landscape. It'd be a good nesting spot for birds, he thought- not that there were any. It also wasn't one of Henry's usual spots either, and he glances back at his book for a few minutes, thinking.

'I wonder if I should give directions.' But it was a thought that didn't turn into action. If it took a while for Otonashi to find him, that was okay; it wasn't as though he had anything else to do.]
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[When Otonashi finds him, Henry glances up with an automatic smile, the kind that was always there, that didn't even register as an expression. Gesturing for him to come sit down next to him, Henry watches the words traced out in the dirt.]

What're you talking about, Yuzuru? I'm okay!

[It's- friendly, a laugh in the tone that sounds almost normal. But then, 'normalcy' had little depth behind it, a defensive measure that had nothing behind it.

Henry nearly asks if something had happened to Otonashi's voice, but the question remains in his own throat, unspoken. Not that it was Otonashi's fault for having a voice similar to his lover's, it was one of those strange quirks of fate- but he was a little... relieved, all the same to not have to listen to it. The similarity hadn't occurred to him when Henry had sent his message, only struck him now as a narrowly-missed pain.

No, even if something had taken Otonashi's voice, he was going to be a little selfish and be grateful for it.

Looking back out over the city- and not at all avoiding looking at him- Henry's voice is still light, if soft.]

I just wanted to ask your thoughts about something.