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Yours & Mine — opt-in player plot, August 12-16

Following the month's first event, Otonashi will be seeking Henry's assistance with his fragmented memory. While neither intend for the hex to go further than the two of them, magic can be a fickle thing if one isn't careful...

• Characters may freely experience the memories of others as if they were their own.

• Memories that a character receives will try to tailor themselves to that character's old life. Guns may become crossbows to fit the time period, fantastic monsters may become humanoid opponents in wartime or even school rivals — but the raw emotions within the memory will remain intact, as if it had always belonged to the character. Everything is relative to the memory's feel and importance.

• Characters are free to see through the lie and reject the memories as their own, which will remove all feelings of it being theirs. The memory/memories will return to their default state, clearly just a vision of someone else's life or something fabricated entirely by belief. Ah, but it felt so real...

•Alternately, characters may see memories being freely projected by others, and can respond accordingly. Really, what do you say to someone as you watch them have to revisit the death of a loved one, or their struggle with chaos in war?

There is a stronger effect in the first two days. If affected characters venture closer to the site where the ritual took place, they may also notice their emotions beginning to weigh heavily upon them. Feelings of vague guilt become clearer and harder to ignore, anger burns hotter, while genuine joy is more elusive. Characters might find that the fear of being alone is almost crippling, and may seek out others to ease this feeling of emptiness. If nothing else, they may just wind up extremely disoriented and functioning on the level of an emotionless zombie.

Of course, intimacy of any sort might help to distract - if characters can manage it amidst the confusion.

By the 16th, all effects of the hex will fade away, leaving characters to sort themselves and their new knowledge (and dirt) on others out.