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Your life, your memories, your pain...

They were real too, weren't they?

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Name:音無 結弦 || ᴏᴛᴏɴᴀsʜɪ, ʏᴜᴢᴜʀᴜ

After all, our dreams went down
Sinking for our very eyes

Still echoing the sound
Ah, the frozen dreadful cries

yuzuru otonashi |♥| angel beats!

Older brother. Nurturing. Opinionated. Self-sacrificial to a dangerous fault sometimes. Admires people who are passionate. Wants to save everyone. Attracts lost souls. Tried to be a doctor, but died before he got the chance. Sole family survivor until the accident. Complains a lot, but has infinite love to give.

in memes: if you're thinking about tossing a Kanade Tachibana/Angel my way, please know that I do struggle with this as a romantic pair, but I'm not absolutely adverse to trying. Gen stuff, including fluff, is always 100% welcome!!

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Interests (7):

drinking coffee out of cans, healing, saving the world, shooting cans, teaching girls unneccessary wrestling moves, teasing boys about their sexuality, tofu
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